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Witchery the way I do it
I adore witchcraft, Goddess worship, Tarot and Oracle decks, nature, music (I play drums in a band) among other things! 
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Goddess Art 
I adore Tarot. I have been reading the Tarot cards since I was 17, but have recently been learning new Tarot methods from the beautiful, gorgeous Veronica Varlow

Favourite decks include The Wild Unknown, The Wildwood Tarot, Druidcraft Tarot, and The Witches Tarot. 

I absolutely love filling my home with beautiful things, and Goddess artwork is one of them. I occasionally attempt some of my own (to very little success, hahaha) but it is my absolute pleasure to own prints by beautiful artists such as: 

Visit with me and learn about all the things that are important to me.