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Witchery the way I do it
Pleased to meet you! Thank you for being here. 
What I Can Offer You
My YouTube Channel
I love to vlog and make videos on all things witchy and Pagan. My channel is regularly updated and you can check it out via the link at the bottom of the page. 
Regular Blog Articles 
Have something you'd like me to create a blog article about? Interact with me and ask away. Articles will be regularly created and updated. 
Hello, I'm Kimble! I'm a blogger, Tarot reader, Priestess and Witch from Wales, in the United Kingdom. 


I created this website to share my witchy life with those who feel drawn to me. I am a lifelong student of magick and a devotee of the Goddess. 

I offer: 

  • Video content through my YouTube channel which I will cross-post here 

  • Indepth blog articles on topics that interest me, or by request 

  • Tarot readings and other services by appointment 

  • An insight into the world of a modern witch 
I am so pleased you have found me here and I look forward to becoming a part of your world while sharing mine with you. 

If you have any questions, comments, requests or suggestions, please do contact me! I love to hear from you. 

My Etsy Shop
I take immense pleasure in creating magickal wares and offering them for purchase to my like-minded sisters and brothers. I also offer Tarot readings. 
"Just had an amazing tarot reading! Unbelievable how accurate it was! Thank you so much Kim! If anyone is interested in getting a tarot reading I can't recommend Kim enough!" - CD, Tarot client 
"A really lovely seller. My custom blend spray and bath crystals smell beautiful and hopefully will help to increase energy etc as requested. Lovely packaging, posted quickly and very reasonably priced. Will be buying from her again." - GL, Etsy customer